#182CB – Colly Soleri Commemorative Bell


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As a tribute to Colly Soleri, Paolo Soleri has created an original commemorative bell which combines a rich tone with stylized sculptural linkage. Two side striking balls and the traditional wind-catching fin complete the piece.

The Colly Soleri Music Center at Arcosanti holds concert events throughout the year.

35% of the proceeds of the sale of this bell directly benefits the Colly Soleri Music Center.

Patina Finish (Pictured):

The highly variable color patterns range from green to turquoise or from orange to red or with all shades mottled on the same piece.

Burnish Finish:

The bell and its bronze components are steel brushed for a lustrous finish and burnished (flame treated) with a torch in order to bring out metallic bronze highlights varying from colors of gold to iridescent shimmers of blues and greens. An acrylic spray coating completes the finish making it resistant to oxidation. The luster brilliance and subtle highlighted patterns are artistically and randomly achieved, and therefore will vary from displayed sample.

See the finishes up close here.


24″ long from the top loop to the bottom edge of the fin
6″ measured at the widest point within the bell assembly
(5″ is the width of the bell component only)

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in

Burnished, Patina

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